Sports and Academics

We Bridge the gap between Sports and Studies

Our Sports-Studies program is our flagship programme which is carried out exclusively at our Man O War Bay Campus. It is at the base of preparing our trainees for a career in football. This program is based on three principles:
  • Hardwork
  • Discipline
  • Commitment
At Njalla Quan Sports Academy, our unique and specially blended sports-studies program aims at giving our trainees the best of football training and academic studies.
Picture of Children learning

Hardwork = Success.

Picture of Children learning
While football has grown to become arguably the most popular and most played sports on the planet, with its top professionals being amongst the best paid athletes in the world, there is however no guarantee that being hyper talented and undergoing a rigorous and efficient training program will lead to becoming a successful professional football player. Indiscipline, serious and persistent injuries, as well as other unforeseen circumstances have prevented very many talented and well trained footballers from having successful careers as professional footballers. It is for these reasons that at NjallaQuan Sports Academy, we focus not only on giving our young trainees the best of football training but also the absolute best of academic studies. Ensuring the basic and secondary education of our trainees serves not only as a backup in case of a failed football career but also serves as a fundamental tool which will be beneficial to them during their football careers and even after their playing days