Other Activities

Holiday Camps

We hold Annual Holiday Camps reserved for boys between 8-16 years old. These camps take place during the June- August 3rd term (Summer) holidays. The camps may be held in multiple sessions/groups, with each session lasting 15 days. The holiday camps are full boarding (lodging and meals provided) and include the following activities; basic football training, excursions, indoor and outdoor leisure games, team building, moral education and basic language lessons.
Picture of Children learning

Picture of Children learning


Our engaging tournaments provide aspiring professionals with valuable competitive experience and also serves as a method of evaluation of their progress. We organise two tournaments annually.The Bimbia Easter Cup is held during the 1st week of Easter holidays; usualy in the month of April. This tournament involves at least 8 Under 17 and Under 15 teams respectively. The Henry Njalla Quan Memorial Cup is held before the December Christmas break. At least four Under 13 teams face off in this tournament over a five day period in a bid to be crowned champions.

Sports Walk

In our bid to raise the awareness of sports and its importance in general health and welbeing, we organise a 10 km Sports walk every year. This walk usually takes place in December and averages 400 participants. Our "keep fit" club also organises weekly sports walks which is open exclusively to its members.
Picture of Children learning Picture of Children learning